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Online Renewal of Accommodations

Students who have been authorized by their Disability Access Advisor can use this system to renew accommodations for their current semester's courses.

Do not use this module if you think your currently approved accommodations will not meet the unique demands of a particular course.  Instead, please exit this module and contact the Centre (; 778-782-3112) to book an appointment with your Disability Access Advisor.

When renewing accommodations online, you are first provided with the list of your approved accommodations.  These can be applied to any or all of your courses.  Once you submit your accommodations for a course, an accommodation letter will automatically be sent to your instructor and to the Centre. 

Renewing your accommodations online is optional.  If you prefer, you are welcome to arrange an appointment with your Disability Access Advisor in order to discuss accommodations for any or all of your courses.

Get started by clicking the 'Accommodations' button in the main menu to the left.