Centre for Accessible Learning

Application for Services

An Application for Services form and disability documentation are required in order for the CAL to consider a student's eligibility for services.  Click on the 'Register' button at the top of this page to access this form.

Please note that this form may take 10~15 minutes to fill in, and the system does not allow you to save your progress for completion at a later time.

You may wish to prepare your written responses in an offline document first, and then transfer them into the online form for submission.


The information on this form is collected under the authority of the University Act (R.S. B.C. 1996, c.468, s 27(4)(a)) and University Policy GP-26 Accessibility for Students with Disabilities. It is related directly to and needed by the University for the provision of services to Students with Disabilities. The information will be used as the basis for contact information in the CAL student database. In order for the University to provide you with disability related services we may need to discuss and share your personal information with other parties, such as Assistive Technology BC, the Student Services branch of the Ministry of Advanced Education, SFU Student Services, or various campus departments. If you have any questions about the collection and use of this information, please contact the Director, Centre for Accessible Learning, 778-782-3313.

In addition to the personal information collected on this form we may need to collect additional personal information about you from your health care practitioner (e.g., physicians, psychologists), or government agencies (e.g., AT-BC, Ministry of Advanced Education). These persons or organizations are authorized to disclose such information. The personal information collected from these persons or organizations relates specifically to the disability and services or equipment required by the disability. This information is collected and used for the same purposes as noted above.

By checking "I agree" on the following page, I agree to the terms and conditions of CAL registration and authorize the CAL to collect, use and share personal information about me as noted above. I understand that failure to agree and give my authorization will result in an inability for the CAL to adequately provide services or academic accommodations required by my disability. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.